Cocoa butter (Theobroma Cacao) is obtained from cacao fruit. It comes from the humid tropical forests of South and Central America, and is also widespread in cultivation. It is one of the hardest natural fats, but when in contact with the body and through the heat generated by rubbing it ideally spreads on the skin.

Cocoa butter is an ideal product for dry, tired skin. Through women around the world, it is successfully used as an anti-wrinkle cosmetic – it smoothes and firms the skin. Perfectly lubricates the skin, protects against UV radiation, significantly accelerates tanning.

It contains vitamins, potassium, magnesium, lime, iron and oleic acid, thanks to which it sensitively regenerates and moisturizes the skin. In addition, the natural antioxidants contained in it neutralize the action of free radicals that destroy the skin. It is characterized by complete biocompatibility with the skin, which means that the ingredients contained in it are easily tolerated and absorbed through the skin.

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Unrefined Cocoa Butter



  • strongly moisturizes and regenerates
  • speeds up tanning
  • has a natural solar filter
  • replenishes vitamin deficiencies in the skin
  • gives the skin a beautiful glow and smoothness
  • anti-wrinkle
  • does not allergize



Cocoa butter can be used alone or combined with other oils (eg with coconut oil). We can combine them with vegetable oil in proportions of 80% butter and 20% vegetable oil. We melt them in a water bath and then add the vegetable oil to it and mix thoroughly. Pour into a dish and leave it in the fridge to harden again.

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